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If you are a frequent or even occasional visitor to this site, it can be difficult to find what's new. Recent additions and modifications on the Web Site are listed here, by descending date (latest changes at the top).

Milwaukee Pride now sponsors the website

Milwaukee Pride, the non-profit organization committed to education, celebration, networking and outreach for the LGBTQ community, has become the official sponsor of this web site. Milwaukee Pride has since begun paying for hosting and domains to support the web site, and has taken over planning and setup of the annual History Display at PrideFest. They also have plans to revamp the format of the web site. Meanwhile, Don Schwamb remains its primary guiding light, with considerable assistance from Michail Takach (who is meanwhile also working on another book about LGBT history in Milwaukee), Vince Tripi, and others. (December 2018)

Recent updates:

Publication Scans We are sorry to hear of the ceasing of publication of Wisconsin's longest running LGBT publication, Quest Magazine. However we are starting a project to scan the full contents of many or most issues of Quest and many other LGBT publications (wherever we have the right to do so). The long-time piublisher and owner of Quest, Mark Mariucci, has given us full permission to reproduce his Quest issues on this web site, and you can begin to access some of those scanned issues at Quest Covers for volumes 1 through 4 by clicking the "View PDF issue" link under each issue's cover image. More issues will be added over time. (April 2019)
Woody's Bar Woody's bar changed ownership effective January 1, 2019, prompting long-due updates to that page to bring it up to date. (February 2019)
Bar page updates Michail Takach and Jamie Taylor continue to send information prompting updates to various bar pages, including: 1000 East, Leaded Shade, Riviera, Royal Hotel bars, and Tazzbah. (December 2018)
Bar page updates Michail Takach and Jamie Taylor continue to send information prompting updates to various bar pages, including: Lost and Found, Leaded Shade, Red Corvette, Factory, M&M Club, Nikos, This Is It, and Red Corvette. (October 2018)
Bar page updates Michail Takach's continuing research, and Jamie Taylor's Facebook page, continue to yield results of both hard fact and recollections of former employees and patrons. A large number of bar web pages are being updated using information uncovered, including: River Queen, Just Us, This Is It, and Black Nite. (July 2018)
New book "LGBT Milwaukee" Michail Takach, who has been doing extensive research on early LGBT hangouts and life, has authored a new book titled "LGBT Milwaukee". A large number of bar web pages are being updated using information uncovered for that book, which is being sold as a fundraiser for Milwaukee Pride, Inc. and PrideFest. (August 2016)
Older and Lesser Known Bars In collaboration with Michail Takach, who is doing extensive research on early LGBT bars and clubs for a book as a fundraiser for the PrideFest History Exhibit, some older and lesser-known or lesser-documented "gay" bars are having their web pages either updated or created where they hadn't previously existed. These include: Alex's; Cheri's Back East; Belmont Hotel Coffee Shop; Bridgeport; Bourbon Beat; Buckskin Inn; Castaways; The Fox Bar; Gay 90's; Gaytime Bar; Godfrey's 1800; Grand Prix; Legion Bar; Loop Cafe; Mickey's Cove; New Yorker Lounge; Nite Beat (3 locations); Pink Glove; Pink Pony; Plains Hotel Bar; Prologue; Regency East; Tony's Riviera; The Rooster; Seaway; German's Wildwood; and White Horse Inn. (December 2015-February 2016)
Amazon Covers The full run of Amazon is now available online as a digital archive. The project was undertaken by Independent Voices, a web site subtitled "An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press". The issues scanned are from the archives of ALFA, Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance, Atlanta, GA 30309. The Amazon Cover Gallery on this web site has select pages from a few issues native on this site, but each cover also has a link to the new digital issue on the "Independent Voices" site. (February 2014)
2014 There have been no major sections added to the web site recently. The webmaster has been working several consulting jobs and been very busy. However, there are regular additions, corrections, and improvements made incrementally on a continual basis. For example, new issues of Milwaukee Calendar, Gay Milwaukee, and Escape magazine have been added as a result of an individual who loaned those issues to us. Please send correspondence to the Webmaster any time to submit information on a person, place, or organization.(January 2014)
2012 Anniversaries 2012 is a year when Milwaukee and Wisconsin celebrate several anniversaries. It marks the 30th anniversary of Wisconsin's landmark Gay Rights bill becoming law. Originally known as AB70, with its signing into law in 1982, Wisconsin was the first state in the country to ban discrimination for sexual orientation. Also 2012 marks the 25th PrideFest, Milwaukee's trend-setting pride celebration. Although pride celebrations occurred prior to 1988, that was the first year of a central group coordinating the city's Gay Pride celebration. This is also the year that the Cream City Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary, approaching a third of a century of grant giving to benefit the LGBT community in southeastern Wisconsin.(April 2012)
PDF versions of publications In order to make more of the contents of historical Wisconsin LGBT publications available to researchers, as well as casual browsers, many of the scans of publication pages are being copied into text-searchable PDF files. In most cases, these PDF files are being added to the existing HTML views of publication issues, so users of the site can view a publication either by HTML or PDF. Google and other search engines should also be able to search and index both types of viewables. Some of the publications already converted to PDF are: Milwaukee Calendar (1978-80); Gay Milwaukee (1981); Ragg (1983); some In Steps (1984-2003); and all Pride Guides (1990+). (Due to OCR recognition technology, text derived via OCR can make much more content accessible to searches; but it has the tradeoff of being reliant on the accuracy of the OCR operation- which for some scans is less than desirable.) (June 2011)
PrideFest updates With the 25th annual Pride celebration in Milwaukee approaching just a year away, we are updating all of the PrideFest pages, and especially the PrideFest Timeline, to show the annual ups and downs but overall progress in Pride celebrations over the years. You can see where each Pride celebration in Milwaukee was held year to year, information about any parades, the special events or new features at each PrideFest, and how attendance has grown from year to year. Also view each year's Pride Guide and see news articles and ads from each year's PrideFest. (April 2011)
Chuck Cicirello Chuck Cicirello (known to many as Chuck Balistreri) was one of the most prolific bar owners and managers in Milwaukee's history. In addition to at least a half dozen other bars, he opened and ran one of Milwaukee's most legendary bars, The Factory, from 1973 to 1982: it was not only the largest gay bar Milwaukee had ever seen, it was perfectly positioned to capitalize on the beginning and height of the disco craze. Chuck died in February 2011; read about his history and contributions to the GLBT community in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. (February 2011)
InStep and Quest excerpts Issues of InStep, Quest, and other periodicals continue to be actively scanned and indexed. Emphasis is to scan issues from 10, 15, 20, and 25 years ago; as well as the occasional special project. (A current special project is to better document Pride celebrations throughout the state in the 1970s and 1980s.) When viewing Cover Galleries of any publication, click on the words "view pages" below any cover to see actual pages from that issue. (July 2010)
Bar Photos and Recollections Jamie Taylor and Josie Carter have been collecting a wealth of photos from inside bars in the 1960s through 1980s. Included are photos taken at 1100-Club, Ballgame, Beer Garden, Black Nite, Castaways, C'est la Vie, Factory, Mint Bar, Napalese Lounge (Green Bay), Phoenix, Rooster, Stud Club, Ten Hundred East, and Your Place. Those have been added to the appropriate web pages. (September 2009)
Recollections on Restaurants Jamie Taylor has collected and organized recollections of restaurants of the past from several people. Included are tidbits of information about Ski Glow Cafe and Dirty Helen, Walkers Point Cafe, and the Loop Cafe. Those have been added to the appropriate web pages. (August 2009)
Gregg Fitzpatrick and the Harbor Room Jamie Taylor has exchanged emails with Harbor Room owner Gregg Fitzpatrick, documenting the background of how that bar came to be, as well as Gregg's history in the community. (August 2009)
Northeast Wisconsin History Project The Northeast Wisconsin LGBT History Project hosted its first ever History Display at Pride Alive 2009 in Joannes Park, Green Bay. The Project focuses on gay and lesbian history in the Northeast Wisconsin and the Fox Valley area: an area roughly defined by Green Bay, Appleton and Sheboygan, and the surrounding area. This page documents the project and their first display. (July 2009)


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