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3B's Bar
Location: 1753 S. Kinnickinnic, Milwaukee WI


May 1991
May 1995

Male/ female
Bar/ social
Western Dancing

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3B's came about when Jeanette sold her interest in Jet's Place, and 4 friends opened the bar under a new name in May 1991 as "3B's" since 3 of the 4's names started with the letter "B". Owners Bob Schnicker, Bruce Lemke, Bobby Cole and Patrick Prudlow had a good clientele, and the bar was especially popular with western dancers; lessons were held for line dancing and pattern dancing every Friday night.

The 1753 S KK building has been the site of at least four LGBT bars over the years:
     Casablanca Disco (1979-1980)
     Clay's Castaways (1984-1986)
     Jet's Place (1986-1990)
     3B's (1991-1995)

In May 1995, 3B's held a Moving Sale and Closing Party, when 'Rob' retired. The remaining owners relocated to 2nd and Lapham on June 1, 1995 and opened the bar as "B's".

Photo from HIT weekend party
Advertisement, Dec. 1991
Advertisement, Dec. 1992
Flyer: Bobby's annual birthday party and show saluting Miss "M" and Mandi McCall; c1996

3 of the Owners, June 1991

Owners, Sep. 1991

Early advertisement, 'Now Open'
June 1991

Drink card, circa 1991

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