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Jet's Place
Location: 1753 S. Kinnickinnic


June 1986
June 1991

Bar/ social



Jet's Place opened in May 1986 without advance notice. An ad appeared in 'In Step' magazine voln 3 no. 9 saying "Welcome Guys and Gals to the New Jet's Place', but previous issues of the magazine had continued to list the bar as Clay's Castaways and briefly as Castaways South without any indication of a change.

Opened by Jeanette primarily as a women's bar, the bar became popular with a wide range audience. When Jeanette was no longer able to maintain the bar, she sold out to 4 partners who rechristened the bar as 3B's.

This same building has been the site of at least four LGBT bars:
     Casablanca Disco (1979-1980)
     Clay's Castaways/ Castaways South (1984-1986)
     Jet's Place (1986-1991)
     3B's (1991-1995)

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.

Recollections: The following are recollections of others who have been kind enough to submit their personal memories to the webmaster. You are welcome to do the same! (Recollections collected and organized by Jamie Taylor.)

         --------   Jamie Taylor recalls (Aug. 2009):
    "Three of us (Bobby Wheelgosh, Damon LaBlond, and myself) started a birthday tradition of getting together. We are all July babies and started the tradition at the Finale. We did the Finale for 2 years. The 3rd year we celebrated at the Grand Avenue Pub. The final party was at Jetís. By that time the party had become pretty popular so we needed a bigger place. (Bob Sobie and I started going to Jetís place to get away from the drama of 2nd St.) Jetís was the only place large enough that wasnít part of the downtown crowd, making it an easy choice for us. Jetís had a friendly staff. There was always parking and drinks were very reasonable. Sadly that was the final year for usÖ We lost touch and later Bobby Wheelgosh died after living on the streets for some years. I keep in touch with Damon to this day."

    (See some photos of that last birthday party in the photo section below.)

    Grand Opening advertisement
    (In Step, volume 3 no. 16)

    Jet's Place opening, April 1986
    (In Step, volume 3 no. 17)

    Jet's Place at opening, April 1986
    (In Step, volume 3 no. 17)

    Reputation for Sunday afternoon parties, Dec. 1986
    (In Step, volume 3 no. 24)

    "An Affair of the Heart" Valentines Dance, February 1987
    (In Step, volume 4 no. 2)

    One of Baby Jane Hudson's "Oh What The Hell..." shows, October 1988
    (In Step, volume 5 no. 19)

    3rd Annual Annivesary Party Ad, June 1989
    (In Step, volume 6 no. 12)

    Benefit show for Milwaukee Pride Committee members, June 1989
    (In Step, volume 6 no. 12)

    Interior of bar
    (In Step, volume 7 no. 11)

    Last party at Jet's Place, June 1991

    The front bar of Jet's Place
    (photo courtesy of Jamie Taylor)
    The back bar of Jet's Place
    (photo courtesy of Jamie Taylor)
    Jamie Taylor and friends birthday party
    (See Recollections above):
    Birthday boys, front row (L-R): Jamie Taylor, Bobby Wheelgosh, Damon LaBlond
    Back row on left, Jamie's lover Bob Sobie (photo courtesy of Jamie Taylor)
    Jamie Taylor and friends birthday party
    (See Recollections above):
    Flanked by two drag queens (they were lovers) Anita (Jamie's sister) and Jamie Taylor
    (photo courtesy of Jamie Taylor)

Advertisement, May 1986
(In Step vol 3-no 9)

Advertisement, February 1987

Advertisement, September 1988

AIDS fundraiser, Jet's Place, December 1990;
with Karen Lamb (center) and
Mr. Gay Wisconsin, J.J. Newman (on right)

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