History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

B's Bar
Location: 1579 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee WI


July 1995
October 1997

Male/ female
Bar/ social



Three of the four owners who had previously operated "3B's" bar on south KK relocated to South Second street in May-June 1995 and named the reincarnation as simply "B's". In June 1996 they advertised "Watch for our Anniversary Party / Saturday, July 20".

The bar didn't last too much longer. A story in 'Wisconsin Light' newspaper in October 1997 (vol 10-issue 21, pg 21) announced that B's would be closing in October after 6.5 years in business (which time includes its previous incarnation as "3B's" bar on south KK).

The bar reopened on November 14, 1997 as Woody's bar.

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