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Clay's Castaways
Castaways South
Location: 1753 S. Kinnickinnic


May 1984
May 1986

Male/ female
Bar/ Restaurant/ social



When it opened, Clay's Castaways was called an "a relaxing, easy atmosphere bar on South Kinnickinnic, one block south of Mitchell" by In Step magazine, the main local LGBT publication at the time.

Early in 1986, the bar was briefly listed for a time as 'Castaways South' (not to be confused with the original 'Castaways South', located at 196 S. 2nd St. c1971-1974). Then in May 1986 without advance notice, the bar had been renamed 'Jet's Place', "open in the space that formerly was Clay's & The Castaways South".

This same building has been the site of at least four LGBT bars:
     Casablanca Disco (1979-1980)
     Clay's Castaways/ Castaways South (1984-1986)
     Jet's Place (1986-1991)
     3B's (1991-1995)

Any additional information on this bar is welcome.


Bar opening announcement
(InStep vol 1 issue 7, Steppin' Out)

(InStep vol 1 issue 10)

Suddenly replaced by Jet's Place;
Advertisement, May 1986
(In Step vol 3-no 9)

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