History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

Cove Bar
aka Mickey's Cove
Location: 157 S. 1st Street
Milwaukee WI


Feb. 1972
Sept. 1972
Feb. 1973
approx. 1974

Male/ Female



Mickey's Cove was advertised in the February 1972 issue of GPU News as "Milwaukee's new Fun Spot- A Snug Harbor for your enjoyment". By Sept. 1972 ads called it simply "The Cove", as Milwaukee's Party Bar.

By October 1972 the bar had been renamed The Backroom. But by February 1973 advertisements touted "Re-Opening" of The Cove.

The business was listed as "Mickey's Cove" in a single national Gay Bar Guide in 1972.

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.


Listings in early "Gay Guides":
(For more information on the Guides, click here.)

1973 Guild Guide
    Title pg   Editors note   Codes
Codes: G (gay, D (dance)

Advertisement for Mickey's Cove, Feb. 1972
in GPU News

Advertisement for the Cove, Sept. 1972
in GPU News

Opening advertisement for BackRoom, Oct. 1972
in GPU News

ReOpening advertisement for the Cove, Feb. 1973
in GPU News

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