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Bob Schmidt


Primary Involvements:

Business Operator (bar/ restaurant)
Community activist





Bob Schmidt has been active in the community both in various organizations (such as CCBA and BAM), but most visibly as a business owner.

Bob Schmidt opened one of the longest running bars in Milwaukee, the M & M Club, in 1976 (with two partners). He bought out the partners within 10 years, and went on to own and operate the business for almost 25 years: first as a bar, soon adding food service (Friday fish fries were especially popular), and then adding on to the historical building and opening a full service restaurant, sometimes called The Glass Menagerie Restaurant.

Bob sold the business to one of his long-time bartenders in 2001, but continued to own the building until 2006, when the building was sold, and Bob's passion, the M&M Club, closed for the last time.

Bob continues his retirement, living in Florida with his partner.


      Bob Schmidt in the M&M Club he founded
      (copyright Michail Takach, used by permission)


Celebrity roast of Bob by the BESTD Clinic
(In Step, volume 1 no. 11)

proud owner Bob Schmitt at
M&M Club 10th anniversary party
(In Step vol. 3 no. 17- August. 1986)

"A Crock of Schmidt" photo board
(circa 1995-2000)

Bob Schmidt, May 2006
at last Show at the M&M Club

Credits: articles from In Step;
B+W photo of Bob in N&M Club copyright Michail Takach and used by permission.
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