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Holly Brown


Primary Involvements:

Singer, Comedienne, Dancer



  as Marilyn Monroe at 1990 Farewell show


Singer, Comedienne, and Dancer Holly Brown headed up "Holly and Company", a troupe whose shows at La Cage, in the 1980's, gained for them an enthusiastic following among both the Gay/Lesbian and straight communities.

Holly Brown bid an emotional farewell to Milwaukee in April, 1990 with a gala performance at La Cage as she prepared to leave for her native Australia. In several moving performances, Brown thanked the people she has known, "the ones who made all this possible". Holly and Co put on a show to their usual high standards, with Brown appearing as Bette Davis and Shirley MacLaine, among others. Also well received was Goldie Adams; Adams lip-synched to "Changes" while she removed her make-up and costume to metamorphize into a male softball player. The distress on Adams' face at this, the final curtain, was evident.


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as Shirley MacLaine at 1990 farewell show

as Bette Davis at 1990 farewell show

at 1990 farewell show

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