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(active in 2004)

Bisexuality awareness

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Bi Definition formed in 1995 from the merging of two other bisexual support groups that met at the Counseling Center of Milwaukee, BiDesign (a women's group) and an unnamed men's group. Bi Definition exists to provide members with a sense of belonging not always found in the gay or straight communities. Members hold social gatherings and participate in local events such as PrideFest. In response to declining attendance at business meetings and dwindling financial resources, Bi Definition voted to discontinue its print newsletter and regular meetings in 2004. The group continues to meet socially and maintains a Web site.

The following purpose statement of Bi Definition is from the Group's web site.

    Mission Statement
    Bi Definition shall exist to facilitate the development of and maintain a cohesive bisexual community in metropolitan Milwaukee, WI. It will also promote bisexual visibility and education on bisexual issues.

    Vision Statement
    Bi Definition shall provide a social, support and activist organizational resource for bisexuals, people who do not like labels and their allies residing in and visiting metropolitan Milwaukee, WI. It shall work for equal rights and the liberation of all area bisexuals and others who refuse strict heterosexual and/or homosexual personal identification. Bi Definition will also collect and distribute information on bisexuality.

    Governance Statement
    In order to insure that all minority opinions are considered at business meetings, Bi Definition will use the consensus process of decision making for governing.

The UWM Archives LGBT Collection holds some of the Bi Definition's papers, including newsletters from 1996-2004.


Newsletter "Bi All Means", Summer 2003

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