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Program for Nov. 1988 -- Hit X concert:
"A Night at the Cabaret"



Program for June 1989 concert:
"'Before Stonewall"
Program for Dec. 1989 concert:
"'Twas the Night"

Program for June 1990 concert:
"Tomorrow Belongs to Me"


Program for April 1991 4th Anniversary
"The Rainbow Tour" concert
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Program for June 1991 concert:
"We're Proud - Together Wherever We Go"

Program for Dec. 1991 concert:
"A Cream City Christmas"

Program for June 1992 concert:
"The Power of Love"


Ad for Dec. 1994 "Ring In, Ring Out" Holiday concert

Program for Dec. 1996 concert:
"Christmas (is not) For Everyone"

Program for Dec. 1997 concert:
"Home for the Holidays"

Program for Dec. 1998 concert:
"The Gift of Music"

Program for June 1999 concert:
"True Colors"

Program for Dec. 1999 concert:
"Fall Into Winter"


Program for June 2000 concert

Flyer for June 2000 concert

Program for Dec. 2000 concert:
"In December- A Millenium in Celebration"

Program for April 2004 concert:
"I Fell So Much Spring"

Program for June 2004 concert:
"True Stories- songs inspired by real life"


Program for June 2005 concert:
"Up On The Roof"

Flyer for "Up On The Roof" concert, June 2005

Program for June 2006 concert:
"Summer Dreamin' "

Program for Jan. 2007 concert

Program for April 2007 concert

20th Anniversary Mailer


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