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G Street

First Issue:
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July, 2000
late 2001?

News (male and female)

Based in:

Eau Claire, Wis.


5.5"w x 8.5"h, glossy cover "bar rag"




G-Street was a high-quality magazine printed in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. A high quality color photo cover, with a smattering of color pages within, the magazine focused on both advertising for, and extensive coverage of, gay and lesbian events, organizations, and businesses in the western and northern parts of the state (essentially, non-Milwaukee). In fact, the first 6 issues were not even distributed in Milwaukee.

G-Street was published by Out&Out Media, Bret Holstein, President.

    Disclaimer-- Images from G Street publication reproduced here are shown without release because we have thus far been unable to locate the copyright holder. Its reproduction is intended to document and honor those who made such early contributions to the community and with full desire to include proper credit, if known. We will remove the reproductions immediately upon notification of or from any valid copyright holder.

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January 2001
Issue 7
First issue distributed in Milwaukee
April 2001
Issue 10

June 2001
Issue 12
July 2001
Volume II, Issue 1
August 2001
Volume II, Issue 2

Issue 7, January 2001

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