History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs in Milwaukee

South Water Street Docks
Location: 354 E. National Avenue, Milwaukee



Men/ Women


South Water Street Docks was one reincarnation of several bars making a go of it in this building. Located between the Wreck Room to the north and the Boot Camp to the west, the bar attempted to draw in the levi/ leather/ biker crowd which hung out at those two bars.

Prior to being 'South Water Street Docks', the bar had been 'Gargoyles' (1995-1996). Finally the bar hit success as the very popular 'Kruz' bar (2006 to at least 2020).

We will be researching the dates this bar was listed in the media bar Guides to try to narrow the timeline.

Any additional information is available from anyone willing to contribute it.

Advertisement, daily specials
(In Step vol 14 #6, March 1997)
Advertisement, Memorial Day Beer & BBQ Bust
(In Step vol 14 #10, 1997)
Article, Summer Carnival to be held
(Quest vol 5 #11, July 1998)

Building exterior in 2005
(Don Schwamb collection)

Building exterior in 2005
(Don Schwamb collection)

Parking lot alongside building in 2005
(Don Schwamb collection)

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