History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

The Next Stop
Location: 800 E. Chambers Street, Milwaukee



Women/ men


Very little is known about 'the NEXT Stop' bar in Milwaukee. We have thus far found only a single advertisement in a 1991 issue of 'In Step' magazine advertising their upcoming Halloween party, along with a single photo from their Grand Opening celebration the Friday after Thanksgiving 1991. However based on its logo, this was obviously primarily a lesbian bar.

We will be researching the dates this bar was listed in the media bar Guides to try to narrow the timeline.

Any additional information is available from anyone willing to contribute it.

(In Step vol 8 #21, October 1991)
Photo from Grand Opening celebration
(In Step vol 8 #25, November 1991)

Credits: bar history by Don Schwamb.
Last updated: October-2020.

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