History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

Location: 1101 S. 2nd Street
(SW corner of 2nd and Washington)


approx. January 20, 2010

Male, Female
Bar/ social



M's bar was opened by some of the staff and customers of the former M&M Club after that bar closed. Mís sought to recreate the M&M experience in a new space. An L-shaped space with woodwork and nice ambiance, it was mildly popular for a time, and for some of the M&M's former customers, a favorite spot with familiar faces.

The bar was nicely positioned, about midway between the cluster of several bars at 2nd and National, and a few other bars several blocks farther south near 1st and 2nd and Greenfield. So it was well positioned for the annual gay Pride Parade, and took advantage by making that a big occasion, with live band, food, seating, tent, etc.

But the bar was never really popular with most gays and lesbians. It made an attempt to attract new people with an occasional show, but never took off. As a result, the at-one-time-promised restaurant in one side of the space never was opened.

In late January 2010, the bar closed.

(A book, "LGBT Milwaukee" by Michail Takach, seeks to make the story of LGBT Milwaukee accessible, visible, and portable for future generations--before it is too late. The M&M Club and M's Bar are two of many early LGBT landmarks documented in the book.)

Ruthie's Bitchin Kitchen- "M's was a hot spot after the (Pride) parade, with a street party, tents, grilled food, an emcee, music, and a full bar"
(OutBound, July 2008, pg. 4)

Dear Ruthie hosted the First Annual Junk in the Trunk rummage sale at M's bar: "lovely weather brought out dozens of shoppers... free drinks, barbecued foods and lots of laughs... the bar made lots of money for their AIDS Walk team"
(OutBound, Sept. 2008, pg. 4)

Advertisement, Oct. 2008
(Quest, Vol 15-17, pg. 7)
Cheap Talking Chi Chi- salutes M's Dragapalooza which raised $4,000 for AIDS Walk Wisconsin
(Quest, Vol 15-17, pg. 11)

Dear Ruthie- thanks "the delightful staff at M's Bar for the incredible hospitality, food and fun" at her surprise birthday party.
(OutBound, April 2009, pg. 4)

Dear Ruthie- "Thanks to the gang at M's Bar for the incredible (Pride) parade party! A DJ, live band, emcee, tented seating, free food and more made for a great parade day."
(OutBound, July 2009, pg. 4)

Photo of bar, Oct. 2006

Entrance of M's

Interior of M's

Photo of bar, Oct. 2006

Photo of bar, Oct. 2006

Photo of bar, Oct. 2006

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