History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Businesses - Bars and Clubs

Location: 703 S. 2nd Street


April 2006
October 2006

Male/ female
Cocktail Bar/ social



Intermezzo bar opened around April 2006 in the same building that was housing both the new Q-Life newspaper and the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center (MGAC). Its inspiration may have been the opportunity to expand upon the limited wine-and-soda being served at intermissions and after performances at the Arts Center.

There were promising signs that the bar could be a success. An early tryout was when the bar was used to host a 2006 pre-PrideFest party for festival volunteers and donors: this exposed a large audience to the new bar. The owner offered some interesting themes: for example, they had a very large selection of wines available by the glass, and featured primarily bottled beers from states and countries that had legalized gay/lesbian "marriage" or partnership benefits. And the location was in the midst of an active gay bar area: no fewer than 8 other gay and lesbian bars were already successfully operating within a 2-block radius. All that in addition to the built-in audience of attendees to shows and performances at the Arts Center.

But the bar didn't last more than a few months. Some people indicated they tried to stop in several times, but found the bar closed during what could have been peak hours. Others indicated that the bar just never really had a following, so was largely empty most of the time- which often caused the bartender to close early, only compounding the problem. By late 2006 the bar had quietly closed.


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