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Bull Ring
Location: 1250 N. 12th Street

Opened as 'Gay' bar:


Male/ female



Thanks to our friends at the "AARP Table," we are now aware of "The Bull Ring" (1250 N. 12th St.,) a clandestine gay bar operated by Reginald LeClaire from 1953 to 1962 near Mount Sinai Hospital.

The building (on the corner of 12th and McKinley) has been gone for almost 50 years. (NOTE: this bar does not appear to be affiliated with the Bull Ring Bar operated by the Monreal and Sardino families on Milwaukee's East Side in the 1970s.)

Any additional information about the 'Bull Ring' is greatly appreciated.


    (A book, "LGBT Milwaukee" by Michail Takach, seeks to make the story of LGBT Milwaukee accessible, visible, and portable for future generations--before it is too late. Information on this bar came from research that Michail continues to do in preparation for a future book. Please help support our efforts by purchasing the book, and corresponding with us if you have more info.)


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